Translating Nature
into Medicine

At Enveda, we’re harnessing the complexity of the natural world to tackle today’s biggest healthcare challenges. With breakthrough advancements in machine learning, computational metabolomics, and knowledge graphs, we’re discovering the next generation of small molecule therapeutics.


The Next Generation
of Small Molecules

Our technologies systematize discovery of first-in-class small molecules and novel targets for complex diseases. By probing novel chemical space and mechanisms of action, we are breaking the status quo for challenging diseases with a need for effective treatments, such as fibrosis or neurodegeneration.


We are building tailor-made multi-omics datasets across inflammatory, fibrotic, and neurological diseases to power discovery campaigns on our platform. Partner with us to rapidly bolster your early-stage pipeline.


Using our end-to-end discovery capabilities, we are actively developing multiple leads towards IND-enabling studies and validating target candidates discovered through our platform. Get in touch to learn more about our pipeline and explore opportunities to expand your portfolio.

Kevin Lynch

Kevin spent 30+ years leading scientific discovery and business development teams in large pharma, including 5 years leading Search & Evaluation at Abbvie.

“While the prospect of creating ethical pharmaceuticals from medicinal plants has spawned countless companies over the years, they have often encountered insurmountable hurdles to success. Challenges in separating anecdotal folklore from facts, identifying active molecules from complex bioactive extracts, and skepticism by the healthcare industry are but a few.  Enveda is poised to break through these obstacles by harnessing the power of advanced technologies, drawing inspiration from centuries of knowledge to create novel treatments that fill critical medical needs.”

Martin Brenner

Martin spent nearly 20 years leading teams across biotech and large pharma such as Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Merck, and Stoke Therapeutics.

“Several of the most effective drugs which are in clinical use today have been derived from plants. For example, the discovery of Metformin goes back to the anti-diabetic effect observed in a leaf extract from the plant Galega officinalis. With the technology available at the time it took nearly 300 years to develop a safe and efficacious drug from the plant extract. Today, the Enveda team is on the brink of a technological revolution that will enable the systematic search for novel medicines within the entirety of the plant realm by applying machine learning and the translation of AI-generated hypotheses into drug-like molecules in a fraction of the time.”


Bryan spent 25+ years leading drug discovery projects at Searle and Eli Lilly.

“In drug discovery, the delivery of high- quality clinical candidates usually aligns with the initial identification of credible starting points, or ”good hits”, in the early stages of projects.  Similarly, “bad hits” are very difficult (or impossible) to optimize.  In our early hit identification work at Enveda,  we access the tremendous diversity that exists in natural products from plants, which are often attractive, drug-like small molecules– “good hits!”!  This approach provides our medicinal chemists the opportunity to use the unique features found in these hits to optimize and discover New Chemical Entities (NCEs) that are different from those found using more traditional methods.”


Matt spent 20+ years as part of drug discovery teams at BMS and Regeneron, contributing to the discovery and development of four life-saving drugs.

“I spent many years in large pharma focused on drug discovery; one of our biggest challenges came when a high-throughput screen did not find any hits (credible starting points for drug discovery) that our medicinal chemists thought might progress to leads. This was because our compound deck just didn’t happen to have any suitable scaffolds or the required “chemical diversity”.  Natural products (or compounds) offer far greater molecular diversity than can be found in any company’s compound library deck, but isolating bioactive molecules from natural products or compounds was historically a very slow process. I joined Enveda because I think our approach, combining machine learning and metabolomics, promises to accelerate the identification of both novel compounds and novel targets.”

how we do it

We Solve Fundamental Challenges in Natural Product Drug Discovery with Advanced Technologies


MOA-driven hypotheses

Integrates multiple data streams to nominate high-confidence therapeutic hypotheses, target candidates, and mechanisms of action.


Cloud-scale dereplication

Rapidly executes “cloud-scale” dereplication to identify novel scaffolds for actionable lead identification.


Bioactive Lead Identification

Deconvolutes bioactive lead molecules 100X faster than traditional methods and nominates high-value SAR directions.

Hi, We’re Enveda

At Enveda, we not only value the internal partnerships among our scientists, we also believe those lasting relationships are essential to success and speedy delivery of novel medicines to patients. We have built a drug discovery team of biologists, chemists, bioinformaticians, and data scientists who are full-time employees and part owners of Enveda Biosciences. Spanning three continents and six time-zones, we are all united by our purpose to deliver new treatments, and hope, to every patient.

Our Promise

to Nature

To Enveda, Earth’s biodiversity is a valuable source of inspiration for drug discovery. Our pledge to share fairly, on mutually agreed terms, benefits from the use of biological resources is the ethical foundation of our company.  We are deeply committed to compliance with the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Nagoya protocol, and the rights of countries, indigenous peoples, and local communities to their plant resources.  We are, together with our partners, dedicated to applying our R&D capabilities in a sustainable manner. Please contact us to discover how we develop solutions to today’s biggest healthcare challenges while ensuring the conservation, sustainable use, and equitable sharing of benefits from Earth’s biodiversity.


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