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Even with extraordinary technological advances in drug discovery, more than 95% of diseases don’t have approved treatments. Moreover, existing efforts to close this gap are highly inefficient, necessitating the need to explore novel and diverse mechanisms of action. Molecules from medicinal plants represent an enormous untapped library of unique drug-like chemicals that can be developed into first-in-class small molecule drugs. Enveda’s advanced technological platform mitigates many of the drug discovery challenges previously associated with identifying bioactive novel molecules from plants,  paving the way for the next generation of small molecule therapeutics.

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Co-Discovery on the Enveda Platform

Partner with us to bolster your early-stage pipeline. Gain access to a one-of-a-kind library of scaffolds to power your toughest discovery campaigns, leverage your own library against our target candidates, or take advantage of our validated preclinical candidates.

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Traditional approaches to finding hits and leads for drug discovery projects largely neglect the vast potential that exists in natural products derived from plants. At Enveda, we use cutting-edge, proprietary technologies to explore, identify, and link these novel scaffolds to complex disease phenotypes and protein targets, hundreds at a time. We then perform targeted and parallel optimization of high-value scaffolds for first-in-class clinical candidates.

Natural products occupy unique chemical space compared to conventional small molecule libraries.

Phenotypic discoveries in disease-relevant assays are used to discover both novel clinical candidates and disease targets.

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We explore phenotypic endpoints in cellular assays that have demonstrated high predictive value for specific diseases. This allows our scientists to begin research projects right in the middle of the drug discovery process, and simultaneously
(a) move forward in optimization work to identify novel clinical candidates and
(b) use our technologies to explain the molecular mechanisms and novel targets underlying the disease processes.

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Validated Discoveries

Using our end-to-end discovery capabilities, we are actively developing multiple leads towards IND-enabling studies and validating target candidates discovered through our platform. Get in touch to learn more about our pipeline of leads and targets.

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